About/Contact Us

G.W.Didion Bros. Inc. is a family owned company that specializes in the development and management of a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate endeavors. The company's operations are primarily located throughout Erie County, where it has conducted business for over 50 years. Although the company was started and continues to be run by Gilbert W. Didion, three generations of Didion family members have come to take part in the company's continued success, each contributing unique skill, ability, and inner working knowledge of the local market.

Company Officers

  1. Kevin Didion - Property Supervisor (Phone - 419-239-4030)
  2. Randal Didion - Operations Supervisor Keys Golf (Phone - 419-433-5585)
  3. Joshua D. Didion - Legal (Phone - 419-515-1693)
  4. Marcia Ferguson - Office Manager (Phone 419-433-3222)


We welcome you to contact us via e-mail with any property inquiries or questions.