Future Development Opportunities

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many partners to develop projects that are successful, that compliment their surroundings, and that serve the needs of the people who occupy them. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with many of our financial and professional partners. They have put their trust in us to keep our promises. Together we have created schools, homes, offices and shopping centers that serve the greater Sandusky community. Please explore the following properties and envision your next business or development in one of these select locations:

Bogart Road Woods Property, Perkins Twp.

This property is comprised of three individual parcels combining for a total of just over 33 acres in Perkins Township. It is ideally located, is mostly wooded, and has some engineering work already completed. Perfect for the area's next premier subdivision.

Bogart Road Woods
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32-00960.000 Record Card
32-00909.000 Record Card

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Galloway Road Property, Huron Twp.

This property is comprised of two parcels totaling just over 20 ½ acres. Significant engineering has already been undertaken, including potential lot layouts and excavation/panning. This is one of the last undeveloped portions in this high value residential area.

Galloway Road
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The second half of this idea location remains undeveloped. With its proximity to the Rt. 250 corridor and the market's many attractions, this offers investors a great opportunity for involvement in the area's next growth phase.

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Southgate Acres

This well-established neighborhood has only a few remaining lots. G.W. Didion, however, has been holding the next undeveloped portion in its inventory for several years. In addition, the lots have been dedicated, and thus the setbacks are locked in at previous year requirements.

Southgate Acres
Lot Report Card
201 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
202 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
203 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
204 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
205 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
206 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
207 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
208 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
209 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
210 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
211 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
212 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
213 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
Lot Report Card
214 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
215 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
216 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
217 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
218 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
219 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
220 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
221 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
222 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
223 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card
224 Southgate (Kevin Dr.) Record Card

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Boos Road, Huron Twp.

Almost 33 acres of farmland in Huron Township off of Boos Rd. Located just down the road from Keys Golf Course, the property still has the original farmhouse barn with a concrete floor.

Boos Road
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Mason Road Property, Berlin Heights

Approximately 18 ½ wooded acres on Mason Rd. located just outside of downtown Berlin Heights in between Berlin Rd. and Lake St. A great semi-rural area.

Mason Road
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06-00089.000 View photo(s) Record Card

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Portland Road Property, Groton Twp.

Approximately 12 acres in Groton Township on Portland Rd, located just off of Rt. 4 close to the Ohio Turnpike. There are also several dedicated individual lots surrounding this undeveloped parcel.

Portland Road
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27-00064.000 Record Card

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Kingsley Circle / Beatty Lane Property, Perkins Twp.

This 5.7 acre parcel is located between the Kingsley Circle Subdivision and the Perkins Cemetery in Perkins Township. It has a creek running along the property and is adjacent to properties on Rt. 250.

Kingsley Circle
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32-00905.000 Record Card

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Perkins Ave.

Located on Perkins Ave. just seconds from Rte. 250, this property is behind the old Stone House and is about 1.8 acres.

Perkins Ave.
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32-00907.000 Record Card

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Tennessee Property

Approximately 120 acres nestled at the foot of the Cherokee National Forest in East Tennessee.... Information available on request.


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